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Keeping you up to date with local events in the area, various regional information and all the different things to see and do in Mitchell.
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Cambridge Restaurant

Check back shortly for updates and information about our exciting newly renovated restaurant.

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Great Artesian Spa


An oasis in the Outback! Share the secret locals have known for years: a soak in our mineralised waters is relaxing for the body and therapeutic for the soul.

The Great Artesian Spa comprises two large pools of artesian water. The spa has been designed for easy access, which includes a hydro chair for those who have restricted mobility.

The perfect way to relax and unwind after a long drive. Enjoy a dip in the Hot Spa Pool or enjoy a delicious coffee on the spa deck.

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Mount Moffatt


For the four wheel drive enthusiasts the spectacular Mt. Moffatt National Park is a must see while staying in the area. Sculpted sandstone outcrops, spectacular views from the highest plateau in Queensland and highly significant Aboriginal rock art sites are found in this remote section of Carnarvon National Park. It is situated 200 kilometres north of Mitchell and the drive is well worth the effort. Ensure that enough fuel is carried for the return journey and for the 90km of park roads that can be used to explore the natural masterpiece. Please note that the road to the park is bitumen surfaced for the first 70 kilometres then gravel surfaced so it is advisable to visit the Tourist Information Centre at the Great Artesian Spa in Cambridge St, Mitchell to check on the road conditions before departing.

Maranoa river


Maranoa River runs from the Carnarvon ranges to join the balonne near St George. The Maranoa river is the second fastest running river in Australia and on Its journey passes through Mitchell Queensland and flows onwards to St George. ​ Mitchell offers river side free camping on the banks of the Neil Turner Weir wall all year round. Waking up to the peaceful surroundings of the Maranoa river each morning will leave you feeling very relaxed. Neil Turner Weir also offers toilets, boat ramp, picnic benches, a park and bbq areas. ​ If you enjoy your stay please donate and help us to look after and maintain such a beautiful spot.The donation box is located at the Neil Turner Weir.

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Indigenous Cultural Trail 

The South West Queensland Indigenous Cultural Trail is an opportunity to

Connect, Share & Celebrate

in one of the world's oldest living cultures. With each community boasting its own rich heritage, encompassing amazing sites, stories, healing places and creative energies, no two communities are the same.

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Arrest Creek Monuments


View an artistic representation of the capture of the Kenniff Brothers. A monument commemorates members of the police force who fought the bushrangers throughout Australia. The memorial is at the site of the Kenniff Brothers arrest.The Statues represent the capture of Patrick Kenniff, lying on the ground with two police constables standing guard over him. The image facing to the south is that of the Aboriginal Tracker. The statue on the hill Paddy's Knob depicts how Jimmy got away and was enventually surrounded by his captors and forced to surrender. The Kenniff Brothers are said to be Australia's last bushrangers. A reward was offered for the Kenniffs' capture and they were caught after three months on the run at Arrest Creek near Mitchell Queensland. Patrick was hanged at Brisbane's Boggo Road Gaol in January 1903. His brother served 12 years in prison.

Booringa Heritage Museum

The Booringa Heritage Museum is endeavouring to preserve the heritage of the old Booringa Shire in Mitchell Queensland. The museum is open from 9am until noon every day during the tourist season. The Group is a small volunteer community group formed in 2006 whose objective was to search out, record and promote the heritage of the Booringa region of Queensland for the enjoyment of future and current generations.

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For more information visit the Information Center at the Great Artesian Spa in Mitchell.

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